Thursday, June 28

Amy Brooke In Horny Hardcore

Getting into this business I knew that I was going to live out some of my horny and perverted fantasies. But that doesn't mean that I can't get fucked and ride a cock! The porn biz is full of horny hung guys just waiting to go to town between my legs. And I love laying back and spreading my pussy for all that wonderful cock!

Thursday, October 13

Bobbi Starr and Amy Brooke - Lesbian DP Time!

Bobbi Starr joins me, Amy Brooke, for a no nonsense, no holds barred lesbian romp. It's brunette on brunette, as each of us takes turns going blind from pleasure. This 23 minutes could have gone on forever... she got me so wet, and took such nice care of me, I would have never stopped cumming from the things she was doing to me. As I've said before, double penetration is nice even when it's just from toys...

Amy Brooke Loves to Tease You

Amy Brooke fans all know one thing about me, so if you're new here, listen up. I know I'm hot. Every once in a while, I have to be smug - like with this outfit, and this photo set. This little pornstar likes to tease sometimes, and that's what's up in these 46 photos. And I can't be a good tease, unless I do give you something to want more of, right?

Wednesday, October 12

Amy Brooke and Kelly Divine in the Threesome Mood

Amy Brooke likes to tease, but fuck that! Kelly Divine is here, and dammit, I'm a pornstar! How long do you think I can stand going without fucking?! Mark Wood was getting hard thinking about the possibilities, so Kelly and I went right at him. We barely even let him get off the couch, this threesome is the best thing he ever had! Two petite pornstars can take a lot of anal, if you want them to...

Amy Brooke and the Bad-ass Bikini

Ooh, Amy Brooke is teasing again! Maybe... or maybe you should stick around and see what's up. For now, though, you have to settle for 48 photos that leave a little to the imagination. Not much. And if you watch closely, you might catch me flashing you... who knows? The set is wild, but I'm just barely under control, for this intimate but ALMOST safe for work pornstar tease session.

Tuesday, October 11

Amy Brooke and Kelly Divine - Ass Playtime

Kelly Divine and I, Amy Brooke, decided this session would be all about ass. Specifically, both of us pornstars, doing whatever we wanted, especially to each others' asses. Kelly bastes me with oil, and I do the same... and then we spend the rest of these 36 photos being horny and silly for the camera! We rub our buns together, and take some shots of the perfect girl pile for a dream three-way!

Amy Brooke - Go Gonzo for Fantasy Footage!

Amy Brooke is nude, naughty, and feeling frisky in this 11 minute masturbation interview. If you like imagining me horny and right in front of you, then I'm about to give you sweet dreams. My petite body is backed up against a big pink chair, and my legs go in the air so you can see me fuck myself. That pornstar pussy always wants more... so you can sit here and watch me give it to myself, before I get dressed and go!

Amy Brooke - Wettest Shower Ever!

Amy Brooke didn't just do a shower scene... this is a shower-the-camera scene! I strut into my bathroom and I'm already naked. And a little bit wet, even before I turn on the shower! Enjoy that smirk on my face as I close the clear shower door and rub out a squirter with my back against the wall! But I'm too horny just to cum once... and I have to show you my shower toys!